Some of the things I've learned from dating transgender people

Although this is a very enlightened era, it is inevitable that many people still hold a kind of prejudice and discrimination against transgender people. According to the survey, many people would not like to date a transgender person. They think it would be disgusting to date such a person. But transgender people have done nothing wrong because their gender identity is different from that of the rest of us. So there's no other reason to refuse to date a ladyboy, is there?

Why is dating a transgender person so rewarding? The world today is much more tolerant than the previous society, so many people will make themselves a transgender person through transsexual surgery according to their inner image. To me, they are quite brave. Because they are darer to pursue what they really want than ordinary people. This is something that a lot of us ordinary people are afraid to do. As a result, they have stronger determination than the rest of us, which leads many of them to achieve great success in all areas of society.

Dating a ladyboy is relaxed. This is because they are more empathetic. We know that the survival of a transgender person is very difficult if he comes from a very poor background. Because the society discriminates against them, it is very difficult for them to find a job that can make a living, let alone a job that can make them rich and live a better life. For those shemale or ladyboy people from poor families, they are more aware of the sadness of living in this society. Therefore, they will know better than ordinary people to think in other people's perspective. This makes them more empathetic. As a result, when I go on tranny date with them, I always feel like my time flies, and I always feel very relaxed with them.

Hooking up with a transgender person can give you a thrill you've never experienced before. Because their bodies are a little different from ours, they can provide you with more experiences than you've ever had before. That's one of the reasons why so many people want to date with shemale and ladyboy these days. They are gentle enough to keep you on a date.

I want to say a few words for shemales and ladyboy, who are transgender not because they are a pervert, not because they are a fetish. Some ladyboys choose to become transsexuals when they grow up because their gender identity is different from their physical gender at birth. Some people because their family is too poor, so their parents turned them into a ladyboy. Whatever it is that makes them a siren, they deserve to be treated equally. They should also enjoy the human rights that everyone has. You can't take away some of their rights just because they're a transgender person. Of course, I know transgender rights still have a long way to go. But as long as each of us does something we can, we will eventually be able to help transgender people.